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Case Study

Case History of a scanned patient

34 year old male patient presented with excruciating pain over his neck radiating to the left shoulder. The condition started one morning on waking up. By the time he presented at our clinic he has already suffered for four days unable to move his head up, down or even sideways.


The patient was fully examined and was found to have a trapped in he left side of his neck. A scan was done before any treatment was given. Then Muscle Realignment Therapy was instituted for about fifteen minutes. he could by then have restricted movements of the neck and pain had reduced by 50%. The scan was done and remarkable changes can be seen in comparison with the first scan.


Treatments were given on alternative days and one week later the third scan was done that showed that symmetry of pattern was achieved. The subject was completely pain free and all the neck movements were restored. The patient was followed up for the next three months and no discomfort was reported.