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'Doctor Strings Patients Along'

Tuesday 25th August, 1992

 Dr Pabani treating Liza McMaster

As you would expect of a Harley street practitioner, Dr Sultan Pabani has all the latest high-tech diagnostic gadgetry at his fingertips. Yet the most important piece of equipment in his consulting room is a piece of string stretched between two handles.

With this simple device he claims to have made a major medical breakthrough in the treatment of pain without painkillers, and of muscle displacement without surgery.

The technique, which involves massaging damaged tissue back into position, has many applications. Dr Pabani, who is also a qualified acupuncturist, has used it successfully to treat sciatica, trapped nerves, frozen shoulders, ankle and knee sprains, sports injuries and complications following broken limbs. Dr Pabani, who has also specialized in tropical medicine, says his revolutionary method brings almost instant relief

Idly fiddling with a piece of thread one day, he realized that the answer could lie in a piece of string. "It occurred to me that massaging with the hands cannot grip muscle which is out of alignment, but string can and will mould to the contour of the muscle. This means that the muscle can be mobilized back into its natural position so that the stretch on the nerve supply to the muscle has been eliminated and the pain gradually subsides."

Dr Pabani can now back up the proof of his success with the aid of thermo-imaging techniques. He uses an infrared scanner, which reveals areas of pain before and after treatment.

Lisa McMaster, a 22-year-old medical receptionist, visited Dr Pabani after she pulled neck and shoulder muscles tumbling off her horse Zara.

"I couldn't climb back on Zara and simple tasks like carrying a full kettle or opening doors were painful operations because my neck and shoulders were so stiff. It was also impossible to sleep soundly.

After a couple of days when the ache felt worse rather than better, I went to my GP who said I had suffered a whiplash injury and he referred me to Dr Pabani.

I had 3 treatments which lasted about 20 minutes each. On my first visit I couldn't take much pressure form the string. But I walked out more mobile than when I went in. After the second treatment the pain diminished. After my third visit Dr Pabani applied a lot of pressure and it didn't hurt a bit. I went straight home and got on my horse."

Gillian Kemp